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   de Olifant Sumatra cigars hand crafted made in Netherlands

Cigars handmade and machine-made, cigarillos from the premium tobacco brand de Olifant. Buying on-line cigars from De Olifant and do payments with EPS. View our selection in our web shop.

Easy to order:

de Olifant cigars are made in city Kampen and is very famous for its hand rolled production of dry-cured cigars and cigarillos.The boxes showing typical Dutch items such as the windmills and wooden shoes. Tabaksfabriek de Olifant Kampen.

Payment of your Olifant cigar purchase:

To pay for your cigar order, we offer for the Netherlands IDEAL, wire to our RABO- or ING bank account with IBAN and EPS for Austria.

Cigar or tobacco payments outside The Netherlands we offer also other bank accounts in the UK, Germany, Sweden.

Our customers from Pakistan  Bahrain, Oman, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, UAE or Bangladesh can transfer the payment direct to the Bank of Habib in London branch.

Shipping de Olifant cigars or tobacco:

We have many years of experience in shipping products, national and international. Shipping with Documents of Origin or legal stamped customs declarations are possible for a small surcharge. Customer is fully responsible for all rules and regulations in their country. Cigars can be send safely at the given address at affordable world shipping fee.

Cuban Cigars - ‚ÄéHabano Cigars - Dutch Cigars

Offering original cigars from Havana, Dominican or Nicaragua from the humidor, fresh at 75% humidity. Dutch cigars are "Dry Cured" Sumatra, Vorstenlanden, Besuki, Cameroon and Java. Cigar blends of 21 to 23 different melange's per cigar or cigarillos.


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 De Olifant cigars: Corona Panatella, Knakje XO, Panarillo, Matelieff, Ivory.



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