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Selection of de Top 25 European cigars. Hajenius Amsterdam, Justus van Maurik, Oud Kampen, El Dorado, Ritmeester MOODS and  more.  


Dutch Cigars:

We provide European cigars and cigarillo's. Premium brand machine made as well as hand rolled corona, long-fillers and short-fillers. Best place to buy cigars on-line and we supply you with a huge selection of top-selling brands of Dutch cigars and Hajenius cigars from Rokin Amsterdam.

Amber Leaf, Golden Virginia and many more roll your own.

Dutch quality tobacco brands. Top service. On Line tobacco shop. Only 5 steps and you are ready. We provide a pick-up service for your hand rolling tobacco and cigars. UK brands listed.

Payment options

For payments of your cigar purchase we offer to customers outside The Netherlands, bank wire to our Dutch (ING or RABO) bank accounts, or our bank account in the UK-London, Germany, Sweden or Norway. IBAN and SEPA within the EU is free from any charges.

We list the Dry-Cured top cigars from the EU:

La Paz cigarros - 5 -10 -20 and 50 pc

El Dorado - the complete assortment

Hoogeboom - the complete assortment

Ritmeester Moods - also the mini and Gold filter

Balmoral - the complete assortment

Agio Meharis - Brasil - Equador and Java

De Huifkar - Handrolled cigar

De Olifant - Handrolled cigars

Panter - Machine made complete assortment

P.G.C. Hajenius My Own Blend pipe tobacco