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The regulations as they are now ( and where )

Can you buy legally tobacco over the internet???

Here is the correct answer.

As many shops tell you that it is legal, well: its not. In the EU the rules and regulations where already changed long time ago and it simply says cross border sales is not allowed.. Is this new? noooo !! It was already announced by CigarWebShop to all her clients worldwide at May 2017. As simple as that. So if anyone tells you that it is legal, or that the seller needs to pay the tax in the country of origin??.. It is a no go and no Government in the EU will give that option to any tobacconist. Small or big does not matter, it is simply NOT legal. There are many Government pages to find about this, so don't say you can not find that info.


As of July 2023 also the Netherlands will no longer allow internet sales, the banks no longer open new accounts if its a tobacconist or wholesale and all media was already forbidden. The transport of tobacco also is restricted. This is reality and all other info you see at a web page of any tobacconist stating its legal....then simply leave it.

Tobacco is and was always at your own risk. You cant file a claim at the customs, nor at the financial institutes.